Untitled Film Stills

Untitled Film Stills“[Cindy] Sherman’s photographs feed our nostalgia for bygone eras at the same time that they offer reflexive critique of that engagement with nostalgia […] Irony can be derived from contexts in which appearance and reality are in conflict. Sherman’s photographs comment not only on the conditions of the past but also, ironically, on the artist-producer’s awareness of her own pleasurable engagement in the visual culture of nostalgic fantasy that she evokes. By situating herself as both artist and subject, Sherman invites us to think reflexively about our own subjectivity and gendered processes of identification, cultural memory, nostalgia, and fantasy in our engagement in postmodern visual culture. This makes her photographs ironic images that also instruct us in seeing practices of looking.”

—Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright, Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture (2nd ed., 2009)

Hacking or reimagining classic video games, I believe, can serve as an interesting analog to Sherman’s work.


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